Child Care in Islam,

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Child Care in Islam,

UNICEF Cairo with the assistance of Mr. Ahmed Tawfik of Al Azhaar, Mr. Abdallah Youssef Ali, Islamic University of Al Imam Mohamed Ibn' So'ud, and a working group of prominent religious leaders from Al Azhar University. This oft-requested covers child rights in Islam using Koranic Verses, Hadiths, and quotations and messages but is difficult to locate.

Preface and Introduction: Child Care in the Koran and Sunna

  • Part I: The State and Right of the Child in Islam
  • Part II: Child Survival and Development
  • Part III: Nutrition and its Impace on Physical and Mental Health
  • Part IV: Child Rearing in Islam
  • Part V: Personal and Environmental Hygiene
  • Part VI: Index of Koranic Verses, Hadiths, Sunna Best Quotations and Messages According to Subject Headings

    Length: 101 pages

    Some of the material in the book can be found at