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For more information on ICVA's support in establishing an NGO Coordination support office in Haiti, in response to the earthquake in 2010, please click here

For more information on ICVA's deployment of an NGO Liaison Officer in response to the cyclone in Myanmar in 2008, please click here

Strength in Numbers: A Review of NGO Coordination in the Field

In 2010 ICVA commissioned a review of NGO coordination in the field, looking back over some of the critical humanitarian responses of our time. The review consists of three parts: an Overview Report introducing some key issues in NGO coordination; a series of Case Studies providing insight into how NGOs respond to those issues in the field; and a Lessons Learned bringing together critical points identified in the Case Studies.

You can download all three parts of the report below, and we encourage you to share our findings widely. While every effort has been made to present an accurate picture of each response, gaps in the record and errors in recollection are inevitable. However any errors in the studies are the responsibility of the consultants and ICVA, and corrections and updates are welcome.

On the basis of the review, the ICVA Executive Committee decided to develop resources for NGO coordination in 2011, working with other NGO coordination bodies and consortia to create a broader knowledge base, clearer guidelines and stronger support frameworks for field-based efforts. If you wish to be kept informed about these developments, please e-mail us at secretariat@icva.ch.

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